Understanding the Social Big Data


Understanding the Social Big Data

Since the time of Word of mouth and trade based on small-scale production, the interpersonal relationship between client and underwent several evolutionary stages producer. We transition from indifference and exclusive focus on output and capitalization to the discovery of control provided by the computerization of the systems, such as customer service or Call Center/IVR, relationship with clients or Customer Relationship Management/CRM, business intelligence Business Intelligence or BI and, finally, the unification of all these bases of knowledge in an integrated system of business management or Enterprise Resource Planning ERP.

Evolved remarkably, getting on control of the internal business environment and easy access to a large number of information obtained by tracing and analysis of transactions and market movements, often in real time.

Also, there is a progressive growth of the power of the servers that process this data, and storage capacity. The adoption of an external structure in the cloud, the Cloud Computing, also added speed and focus to business. The big win was the possibility of quick access to the huge and accurate knowledge bases, providing an excellent field of internal business environment, the Big Data.

At the same time, Hatch social networks and the unrestricted power of the new consumer who takes the role of an influencer in the different stages of the communication process, choice, and consumer information. It is a revolution in the external business environment, which requires increasing enterprises ‘ ability to adapt in a world increasingly transparent, fast and dynamic.

Also, great opportunities arise, as consumers start to publish, openly and on a voluntary basis, data from your history of relationships, personal data, work, leisure, study, personal preferences and all kinds of information. This information, collected from public and form used before an effective privacy policy, serve to further enrich the efficient corporate databases with information on habits and behavior.

On one side, then, is the Big Date, with its enormity of consumption and market data, and other Social Media, with an endless mass of engagement data, consumer trends, and habits. The Big Data Social, a new level that provides a holistic view of the market and consumer behavior to a greater control of internal and external business environments.

Social Big Data brings a thorough understanding of the people, through detailed analysis of the social profile of individuals, groups and targeting needs. This great power of information will serve to companies anticipating consumer trends, swapping strategies right of Social CRM, meet in a personalized manner and especially develop products and solutions for better performance, more suited to the real needs and the wishes of its customers.

The setting is quizmaster and requires the efforts of teams of marketing and information technology and great adaptability and effort for the effective implementation of Social CRM, BI, Social Social Call Center and the socialization of all the other systems and corporate applications, making them more efficient, and humans.



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