Should I migrate my server to the cloud?


Should I migrate my server to the cloud?

Is your company prepared to move to the cloud? It is possible that you already use a lot of things in the cloud without pay attention to that. We want to draw attention to the importance of cloud, that care should be taken and the benefits that can be obtained by enterprises. Check out:

What types of servers can go into the clouds


Many mail servers are already in the cloud, but it’s still common to companies using the e-mail application in local server and owns. The e-mail in the cloud significantly improves application availability and security of messages, in addition to bringing benefits for teams, who can access your e-mails and agendas in mobility.


Migrate data to the cloud may not be a task so complicated when you can count on a solution made for it. There are products in the cloud ready to replace the physical file server and still add some features that enhance collaboration and productivity of teams, as is the case of the vBox.

Management system

The more delicate process, but increasingly adopted, is the system of migration management (ERP) to the cloud. The process is careful because we need to consider the impact that a delay or unavailability can bring to the business, in addition to the need for configuration of access permissions, security rules, determining the capacity of servers, among others that only a team of experts can take over.

Other applications

Many systems used by companies already are in the clouds, and those who are not yet, can be migrated: CRM, call center systems, e-commerce sites &, accounting systems, among others.

Advantages of migrating these servers to the clouds

Increased security in data centers environment

The cloud contracted a professional provider will be hosted in the data center, with rigorous standards of physical security, as well as solutions for information security, as UTM and encryption.

Ease of access and collaboration

The fact that the information is in the cloud allows it to be accessed from any location, from any device, and also the cooperation of that information with other people: clients, suppliers, colleagues.

Cost reduction with own infrastructure

Build a CPD or Datacenter itself is costly, as well as keep you up to date and proportionate to the growth, thanks to the acquisition of hardware. In the cloud, the servers and their resources are employed as service and paid according to consumption.

Less concern with operating system and hardware

Another cost of the data center itself is the management – if poorly made, it brings harm to the business and, like any job well done, a professional management can be costly to take care of operational systems, equipment, databases, etc.

Easy to add additional solutions

The cloud contracted to a particular server can add other solutions, often impractical for a data center itself, as a backup in the cloud, load balance, security, disaster recovery solutions and the like.

Application of cloud to businesses

All companies can benefit from the clouds, regardless of their sizes and threads. Of course, every company has a different need and the cloud is not something that just installs and exits using. It is necessary to raise a series of requirements, take into consideration several aspects in time to pull off a project in the cloud and this requires expertise. If the company does not have this internal know-how, or even willingness to play the project already has your YOU directed to other functions, it is quite pertinent to hire a company that has the expertise, not just to develop the project, but also sustain the servers migrated to the cloud.



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