Office in The Cloud: You and Your Team Feeling in The Clouds


Office in The Cloud: You and Your Team Feeling in The Clouds

Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel. Which of these programs you used today and how many times? It is very likely that most of the readers of this message have used all these programs today, and several times. Now, imagine the Office in the cloud, with these and other programs and features, always at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Imagine getting a job in the Office, save the text or spreadsheet in the cloud and continue later in a cab or at the airport, taking advantage to consult other archived spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentation that the client sent. And when you get home, or at the hotel, if you must, you can access all over again, with your desktop, tablet, mobile or laptop.

These are just some of the advantages of Office 365 in the cloud. Mobility, storage, security, reliability, versatility, and settings are the themes of this posting I will show you, even more, benefits of using Office in the cloud in your company.


Many businesses decide to use their spreadsheets, text editors, and slideshows in the cloud, what used to be great. But why not choose an option in which this transition will be much less traumatic? Using their software that their employees are already so used to use, the traditional and more than approved, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and many other features and components of Office, everything will be a lot easier. Use the Office 365 in the cloud will be more agile, fast and productive. Check out the other benefits.

Licenses and features in the right measure

This is the first and one of the biggest advantages of Office 365 in the cloud. No buying licenses, each with a type of configuration and programs available, and be installing on machines of co-workers.

With Office in the cloud, your business takes include or delete users, change permissions and access, increase or decrease features and much more. Much more quick and agile, with automatic updates.

Teamwork and remote

The files can be used collaboratively and shared with all staff and even customers, allowing the exchange of information with more agility and reliability. And all this can be accessed where employees are through any mobile device, whether desktop, tablet, notebook and even cell phones.

Without fear of lack of light

The power’s out, and everyone stopped working … any of this! Tablets and laptops on battery power will be able to access the documents and continue to exchange information and make edits. Also, you can just go home or another place where there are a computer and the internet to keep producing, operating and putting things to work with productivity.

Schedule of appointments and email

Of course, your Office 365 will cloud the Outlook to manage your e-mail, and with the advantage of being able to use the book appointments online and its various features, such as event reminders, share files, namely the commitments of all team members and even online meetings.

A Website for you to disclose your company

Since we’re working in the cloud, with more transparency and accessibility, promote your business also beyond the limits of his Office using a Website without having to pay for accommodation and other fees. The site is very fast and intuitive to set up and will bring more visibility to the company, at no additional charge.

More storage space and security for files

All the working files of your business will have ample storage space available and will be much more affordable for the teams. No asking to send spreadsheets by email or having to get the Powerpoint presentation you need the machine. Also, the Office 365 cloud servers comply with the strictest safety and backup processes, making their information and data more safe and risk-free.


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