I lost my files and didn’t have a backup solution. What will happen?


I lost my files and didn’t have a backup solution. What will happen?

Market statistics show that a company has high chances of ceasing to exist for two years if you have a problem with their computer systems and do not have a proactive backup and recovery solution.

We know many cases of companies that have suffered data loss, calling us saying: “I lost my files.” There have been cases of people who were able to recover the lost data and succeeded. In others, it was not possible to make any recovery attempt, because the only disk that contained the information off stolen. There are numerous cases of companies closing their doors after a severe loss of your data.

And speaking of data loss, check out the leaders in statistics:

  • 44% of data is lost by defects in hardware or systems;
  • Human error causes 32%;
  • 14% for corrupted software;
  • 7% for computer viruses;
  • 3% for natural disasters.

More statistics should open the eyes of the companies:

  • 140,000 HDs break in America every week;
  • 2,000 laptops are stolen or lost every day;
  • 1:00 pm every five computers suffers a fatal break in HD during its useful life;
  • 100% of computers are prone to failure.

The hardware is suffering degradation over time and which is liable to failure. The high probability of a critical hardware one day fail, and consequently lose the data, cannot be neglected even in the case of a micro company. Equally dangerous is not protecting disks that are always manipulated by people, leaving them vulnerable to a malicious person or not, the format or comet some critical error.

Manual forms and amateur backup also do not solve the problem. Methods such as tape backup are increasingly falling into disuse due to its high failure rate, slowness in reading and writing, high costs of operation and storage and, mainly, by these tapes are subject to theft or loss.

Have a backup solution is a plan that should be beyond YOU and be a concern of global level within the organizations, not just technology that data is lost. Today, there are backup solutions of various sizes, to suit different needs and complexities.

I lost my files, what to do?

We do not indicate general backup solutions, and that usually perform only the synchronization of records in another location. We work with a backup solution, which involves an entire understanding and Network Diagnostics for further implementation of appropriate tool, configured to carry out the routine more relevant to business needs, and then monitor and maintain the solution up and running. This ensures not only that the files are copied to another location, but what operating systems, databases, and information reviews are safe and can be restored as they were minutes before loss of data.



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