How to manage and support the CPD – physical


How to manage and support the CPD – physical

For more than four years ago, we wrote an article about how to build a DATA CENTER that has received tens of thousands of hits. We decided then to continue the theme, this time talking about how to manage and support the CPD-also called data center, a term more pervasive these days — whether in a small office or a large corporation.

As one of the most important sites of the company, due to the amount of information processing and the value of the equipment, the CPD demand special care with monitoring, maintenance and safety. In this first article, we’ll focus on the physical care of the CPD.

Management and support of the physical part of the CPD

Once the infrastructure is in place, that is, servers, switches, storage, firewall, as well as supporting accessories like racks, cooling, cabling and UPS running, it is important to ensure the support of all such equipment, and this can be done through features and services that make it possible to control and prolong the life of the equipment, as well as safeguard and secure the information we process and store such equipment. Split up so the management of the CPD on four pillars:

  1. Preventive maintenance of equipment

Preventive maintenance has as primary objective to avoid outages that interfere with the operation, as well as extend the life of the equipment of the CPD to ensure ROI. This maintenance should be planned to be held, preferably during off-hours not to cause stoppages in operation. The routine preventive maintenance involves analysis of wear, maintenance of equipment that are not showing the expected performance and the exchange of components that are close to the end of its useful life. For this control to be precise, in addition to the frequent and routine maintenance registered, it is appropriate to have an inventory of equipment with information such as date of purchase, the manufacturer’s warranty period and expiration date.

  1. Monitoring of equipment

Several types of software can be connected to equipment in the DATA CENTER for the purpose of monitoring their health, availability, and security. These software can be accompanied by technicians through displays, is that the company’s internal team or a service provider, who follow in real time the availability and performance of the machines and equipment in the DATA CENTER. Also, in the event of a failure, these software can issue alerts – via e-mail or SMS – to those responsible for taking the measures.

  1. Attend related equipment called

The unavailability of a CPD, and consequent inaccessibility of information bring significant losses to the business – idleness, customer dissatisfaction, among other financial impacts. Even with all the support equipment – energy, refrigeration etc and with preventive maintenance routines, the material is liable to failure and breakage. In these cases, it is important to have a professional, or team, dedicated to providing the media with agility when the problem occurs, to solve it with the least possible impact.

  1. equipment redundancy

Working with equipment redundancy, especially of the most critical, is a big step to maintain the availability of the DATA CENTER. It is possible that a single piece of equipment is responsible for stopping all CPD and when there is redundancy in case of breakage of the given material, it is not necessary to wait for the purchase, delivery, and installation of this since there is already another ready to replace in-house.

A strong trend is companies have wholly or partially your DATA CENTER in the cloud because the advantages face buying, deploy and manage equipment in local environment are numerous. However, we will leave this topic for a next post. As we speak, in this article have been addressed the essential requirements to support and manage the physical part of CPD. Wait at next, where we’ll talk about how to administer and support the pertinent part.



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