How to choose the appropriate backup cloud solution for your company


How to choose the appropriate backup cloud solution for your company

The backup has become an essential requirement of any business. Today, the vast majority of companies in operation already has a backup medium. The new businesses are born knowing the need and then seek to deploy.

Given their proven efficiency, the cloud backup has been the most sought as means of backup these days. The reasons for this are several: ease of deployment, reliability to keep the backup in a safe place and available, flexibility to expand contracts without high costs with YOU, among others.

Being the cloud backup a preference among companies seeking security and contingency, how to identify cloud backup solution more suitable for your business front the various options on the market?

There are some alternatives that have gained expression, thanks to the power of brand of these companies. Among them, we can mention the DropBox and Google itself, with its product Google Drive. As stated at the beginning of the sentence, are “alternatives” and no solutions, and cannot be regarded differently. These options can meet the needs of a physical person, professional and even a micro-enterprise that need to keep their files and data in a location that is not just the hard drive of the computer.

But, when we talk about cloud backup solution for businesses, there are some features and requirements that must be considered and that an alternative retailer doesn’t have the capacity to meet. 

Cloud backup solution for businesses

When we talk about cloud backup solution with enterprise features to meet from a small company to a large corporation, we need to consider the platforms that are involved beyond just files:

• Databases: A cloud enterprise backup solution must go far beyond database dump. Explore more widely the subject in the post about database backup.

• Information systems: the cloud backup also covers information systems – ERP, CRM, etc. In a safe manner, that is, encrypting information that is vital to your business.

• Operating systems: Regardless of your company working with Microsoft, Linux and others. The cloud backup should interpret their differences and back up the right way.

In addition to the platforms, there is also the special needs of business. We cite a few below to illustrate:

Centralize backup of all company units

If your company has branches and groups in different localities, the backup can be a difficult task for you. In choosing your cloud backup solution, it is important to verify the ability to unify and centralize backups. Thus, the cost is reduced, and the restore is simpler.

Schedule backup routines with less impact

Cloud solutions most current backup perform backups without affecting both the performance of the operation. But it is still recommended to perform backup methods at times with less impact, usually outside office hours. In this case, for the backup to occur, it is important that the backup has automated routines. Also, as there is no human care during execution, it is important that those responsible are alerted about the backup event reports.

Local cache for quick access and offline backups

Cloud backup solution is the best way to store data and files in a safe place. But if your company needs to access and restore speed, it is interesting to consider a redundancy in private cloud, i.e. the company’s data center. Also, the data and files can be accessed even when in the absence of network/internet.

Relationship with the supplier and restore plan

The most fundamental are the item that has less relationship with technology. As stated earlier, there are players with world-renowned data center and cutting-edge technologies to offer, but what are the means of relationship with them? What is the attention that your company will receive in the case of an emergency? Which the restore plan and SLA offered? It is critical to pay attention to all of this because the technology is almost a coffee. But the importance that the supplier will give your company when you need the backup makes the difference.


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