Four advantages of having his law office in the cloud


Four advantages of having his law office in the cloud

The advent of cloud computing is no longer a novelty. Companies of all sizes are adhering to this kind of strategy, and the cloud comes conquering more and more space in the corporate setting. The reasons are simple: the cloud provides efficiency, organization, ensures security, provides business continuity and availability of files and enterprise applications.

Recently, IDC (International Data Corporation), specialized consulting in technology, said that the cloud computing market should grow more than 20% in 2015.

But what my Law Office has to do with it?

Have your law firm in the cloud means being able to aggregate several benefits that will optimize the routine and the activities of the team, saving not only time but also the costs. Also, it is possible to avoid overloads to team members.

Check out the advantages of having your law firm in the cloud:

Cost reduction

A law firm has a plethora of files, processes, roles, etc. All this requires a physical space to be properly stored. The problem is that a number of items to be stored only increase, which at one time results in high costs and complexity of management/organization. Also, there are still costs related to printing several papers.

Once the Office is in the cloud, eliminates the costs associated with storage of files, processes, and roles, since the developer can access everything through any internet-connected device.

Security and business continuity

Ensure the safety of the records, processes and tasks are fundamental to business continuity and the survival of any Office. We are all subject to natural disasters, accidents, and crashes. Did you ever stop to think what would happen if your Office caught fire? Surely everything would be lost.

Have the structure of the law firm in the cloud ensures that your information will be adequately stored in data centers with redundancy, which provides security and avoids any disorder. Also, a right cloud computing strategy provides the data backup, so that in the case of stoppages or interruptions, the team can access the files quickly.


Lawyers have a busy life and full of appointments, such as out of Office meetings, lunches with clients and travel, these commitments, which can keep them out of the workplace for hours or even days. It is vital that are connected full-time, at least to your email and calendar.

If the counsel’s Office is not in the cloud, it is necessary to carry piles and piles of paper up and down, and will still take a long time to find what you want, not counting the vulnerability of loss of these documents.

At moments like the above, ideally, the files and processes are available to be accessed from anywhere – with the law office in the cloud that is possible. All your data and methods are available to be found and accessed quickly anytime, just have a mobile device connected to the internet.


Just like every company, a law firm has periods of high demands and other more “quiet,” that is, with this constant oscillation may need to reduce or increase the storage of data quickly. When hiring a solution in the cloud, you don’t have to deal with this kind of disorders and with the possible acquisition of costly updates is all the responsibility of your cloud provider.


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